Lightning Bolt is all about change!

23 - Yellow lightning bolt & colored roots off the bottom...

September 10th, 2019
Earth, water and spirit

22 - Blue, Green & purple swirls  ...

August 28th, 2019
All you need is love.

21 - The nine pink swirly figures ...

August 28th, 2019
The connection of Grace

20 - The green line and all that it brings

August 28th, 2019
Everything starts with magic!

19 The big red X !

August 28th, 2019
Part 2!! Starting with fireworks

18 Black & White! (New painting)

August 28th, 2019
Science and Art

I went to two lectures and then read up on a really interesting concept - combining science with art.

July 11th, 2019
Protecting ourselves from toxic energy

Have you heard of "energy vampires"? These are people (and places for that matter) that suck our energy away from us. Think of times when you...

April 29th, 2019
Just to love

I am going to teach you how to love unconditionally.That is to say, how to love everyone. Because I do (seriously). I'll start by telling you...

March 26th, 2019

I am passionate about helping the environment into a better place, and my own community in particular. I am doing everything I can in order to...