The Big Shift

Sun10thFeb 2019

A “calling” is a funny thing, because that is how it feels. Something is calling to you to be said or done, and won’t be ignored. The thing is, when you’re called, you aren’t always sure what needs to be accomplished or how to do it. What you usually know is that you really need SOMETHING to happen, as soon as possible, and that you must be the one to do it. You might know the pieces involved, but the big picture and how to assemble those pieces, that needs to be identified. It’s like a boat floating without the paddle – the boat is helpful, but the paddle is sort of essential. What I do is help you find that paddle, identify how to move the boat where you want it, and most importantly, what the best way for you is. When we’re done, you know exactly where you are heading and what to with your life to get there.

This work is the BIG deal! It's about identifying your highest purpose here on Earth, then helping you to step into that. The magic of this is that the people who find me tend to have work that's pretty extraordinary. The range of professions is broad - from movie producers and Broadway musical writers to healers that speak into the spaces of the planet - but the intent is the same. You want to help the planet, and mankind, into a better, higher, place. These clients tend to hire me for an extended session, like a month, regularly checking in with me for insights and adjustments. This is really sacred work, and not everyone is ready. If it resonates with you though, give me a call (note - I can do any work in person or from a distance).

By the way, that photo is of The Jerusalem Wall of Ice by Chihuly. Talk about a guy that knows how to be big. I really admire him. There's a lot about him, his artistry, his open mind, his teachings and really his life in general, that is worth emulating. Just saying. Check it out here -