Sun10thFeb 2019

What do healings look like?

There are many ways to "heal" someone, but what I like to do first is to "read" you. Every pain, disease, conflict, etc is a communication from your body/Being to you, the conscious self. Finding out what it's trying to say is important. Sometimes I do that with special cards, sometimes I tap into your energy and see what it has to say. I'm wildly intuitive, so it's easy for me to know things that most people miss. Once I see what needs to be adjusted, I'll check in with you and have a conversation to tell you what I'm "getting" and clarify how to deal with it. Sometimes there is energy to move around, sometimes there are beliefs to change, sometimes we need to do some shamanic journeying. It depends on what's up.

How do healings work?

Let's say you had pain somewhere. Medicine quiets pain so it leaves you only temporarily, but I like to resolve it so it leaves for the long term. You need to resolve the issue in order for it to leave. Pain is a communication from your Body/Being to you that something needs resolving in a way that leaves you with no pain. That is, physical pain actually symbolizes another type of pain, discomfort or dis-ease in the body/Being.

Suppose you have a headache. Headaches are a conflict of thought. There is something you are (probably subconsciously) thinking that is unresolved and needing attention. Maybe you got shocking news that you  just weren't ready for. Your Being wants to resolve why it's bothering you. If someone died and you wonder how you'll survive, for example, you really need to let go of thinking that you won't survive and embrace moving on. All of that thinking and believing is stored in your energy. I adjust that energy so that the toxic beliefs leave, the energy is clean, and the headache goes away. If you had a hurt knee, knees are about moving forward, so that might indicate that you are concerned about something coming up in your life, and we'd work on the beliefs and energy around that.

What about more radical dis-eases like cancer or IBS? Again, they too represent various beliefs and issues within the body's energy, but those issues now are many, and concentrated so much in that space that they resulted in physical issues. Working through them sometimes is possible, sometimes not. It depends on how you run (are you willing to work through the many individual issues that caused them?), what you believe (whether you believe alternative therapy works or not...you're right...it's all starts in the mind) and how much time you have. I'll tell you this, medicines are great about quieting a disease, but not always eliminating it. Alternative therapy is much more successful at eliminating it, though sometimes it can take some time based on how severe the disease is.

So how do I DO this?

I have many different modalities (healing methods) that I use including energy work, belief work, shamanic practices and channeling (moving information and energy). I’ve been gifted since I was small, but actively facilitating different kinds of healings for almost 30 years. Go here for my Healing Resume. Healing modalities have tremendous overlap, and the more one is able to use, the wider the scope of the healing possible. I'm fortunate to have many resources at my disposal as they allow me to really shift you into a better place easily and often faster than you'd expect. Check out my testimonials from clients in the GIGI page. By the way, I also wrote a piece on how to find a good alternative practitioner if you're interested.

Isn't this a bit "Woo-woo"?

Woo-woo is a great word that means "something science can't explain". Quantum physics actually explains a great deal of what I do (I have numerous books to recommend if you're interested), and some things aren't explained, they just work. There are many things that are unexplained in life. Why limit ourselves when we don't understand something completely?  If you're not sure this type of healing is for you, check out the testimonials. If you're still unsure, hey, don't do it. I know a lot of people who would rather stay in pain and/or discomfort rather than try something they can't explain. And that is completely up to them. What you do darling, that's up to you.

This process works. I get a lot done in one visit because I've refined my work into being more efficient.  I will help you release physical problems, shift your Being into a place of less pain, and teach you how to use the resources within you to be insightful within your own Being.